What is The Ethical Card?

Hello there!

The film and television industry has historically not worked in the most environmentally friendly fashion. Waste, travel, consumption, unethical choices, it’s been a bit embarrassing to be honest….

However, things are changing.

There are many initiatives now to encourage productions to consider their carbon foot print. Other initiatives involve the crew and encouraging them to take responsibility when working. Together, the aim is to vastly improve our thought processes and ultimately our industry’s impact on the planet.

Inspired by the work of Sinead Kideo and her The Costume Directory, a group of hair and makeup artists led by Helena Card, began to research if it would be possible to run a make-up department upon ethical lines. The research snowballed; the resounding answer was "yes" and the passion to make a comprehensive makeup guide happen was there.

Above you'll find links to our Directory, where you can find a guide to making wiser purchases for your department, and our Blog, which has further information about ethical work practises and other exciting things we're doing!

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How Does it Work?

This is not just about make-up products.

As a group, we looked at every angle of what is needed to run a main team or crowd hair and make-up department. Besides make-up and hair products we wanted to look at other items in our kits plus everything else we would utilise including disposables, PPE, printers, software, travel and even eating implements.

During the research process, companies were invited to provide us with information and tell us about their products. We entered this information into the guide in categories such as whether the product is vegan or recyclable, enabling the guide users to make clear comparisons between products. No brand is perfect, and no product is perfect, but hopefully we can help you to highlight key factors that are important to you and support brands which centre around your ethos.

Personal preference will always play a major role. To quote Khandiz Joni, founder of The Conscious Beauty Union, “When purchasing, you need a point of compromise. What really matters to you? Is it the health benefits, environment policy or animal welfare issues? Once you know what matters, you can then define what you are not prepared to compromise on.”